Occupational health and safety policy

         LAEMCHABANG MAINTENANCE COMPANY LIMITED believe that employees are the most important part of the company and we must take steps to ensure that in the performance of every step of the company are safe for all personnel and avoid all loss or damage to the property. Under the safety management system. And occupational health of the company, the manager and employees of the company will be responsible for viewing and keeping all parties operating in all matters according to the company's standards safety aspect occupational health that has been consistently announced. And forever for the purpose of not having an accident until the strike time by establishing the following policies:

1.Striving to develop and create occupational health and safety management system in accordance with the requirements.

2.Support the development and encourage everyone to have good health, both physically and mentally, with appropriate training. And always develop a hygienic workplace

3.Implement control, improvement, correction, prevention of hazardous from operations and operations with all risk levels
4.Improve occupational health operations and safety continuously to achieve the appropriate development. And achieved success in occupational health and safety management

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